Transport-Hire Driver to Mount Bromo-Ijen Crater-Bali Tour

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Mount Bromo-Ijen Crater Tour and Custom Trip

Blessing Transport Service is transport company that provides-handling transportation also package tour for Single-Independent-Backpacker-Family-Group traveler to Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater for Blue Fire Tour or go to Tumpak Sewu Waterfall using private car from Surabaya, Malang, Yogyakarta, Bali.

We were here to accommodate travelers that want to go to Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater with or without package tour or custom itinerary/trip. We were also provide additional transports such as traveling for business purpose in Surabaya-Yogyakarta-Bali, transfer in-out from/to Surabaya Airport-Train Station, sharing-shuttle-transfer to Bromo/Cemoro Lawang/Bali/Banyuwangi/Yogyakarta/Malang from Surabaya-Malang vice-versa, and transport for Yogyakarta Tour. Our services were flexible and the prices that we offer also fair and reasonable.

We will trying to give you the best deals for transport needs or package tour. For further information or only to discussing how to go to Malang-Bromo-Ijen-Banyuwangi-Bali, please feel free to contact us or you can find us on Google Business and follow our Twitter or Facebook Page. You can visit our Travel Concierge partnership for trip to Europe, Cuba, Thailand, China, Japan and much more.

Blessing Transport Service, Reasonable Price-Safety-Comfort-Reliable for your transport to Mount Bromo-Ijen Crater Tour.

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  1. If you are looking for someone who you can trust with your tour, Alfan is the right person,
    He helped me with all my travel , he is really kind and he wont try to scam or steal your money, and he will do all he can to assure you have the best time!
    I don't think you can find a better option that alfan:D!!


    1. Thank you for your trust. I'm just trying to help with all i can do.

  2. My company Make Break ( collaborated with Alfan with almost all transports during our trip around Indonesia. Cooperation was great, Alfan is really honest, helpful and polite person. He helped us with a lot of things, not only with transports. He is online 24/7. We really recommend work with him and his company, when you looking honestly company. We are sure that we will cooperate also in future.
    Best regards Alfan and thank you

  3. Danke an Alfan, für was er gemacht hat ;-) wenn jemand Ijen oder Bromo oder beide besuchen möchte, ist er der beste Wahl ;-) Für meinen Plan hat er mir so viele Tipps gegeben, sowie wie kannst ich mit öpnv zu dieser Orte gehen um das Geld zu sparen und wie finde ich die schedule und wie organisiere ich die am besten. Außerdem ist er sooooo geduldig , dass egal wie viel mal ich die Frage stelle, er ist immer so nett und so hilfsreich. sogar wenn kurz bevor meiner Reise , habe noch keine Travelbiddoes gefunden, die mit mir das Trsnsportkosten teilen können, deshalb habe ich die Buchung bei ihm storniert. und er war gar nicht böse und hat weiterhin viele sinnvolle Tipps für meine Relse gegeben ;-) zum Glück hatte ich kurz vor meiner Anreise jemand gefunden, die mit mir hingehen werden ;-)

    als wir unterwegs war;-) war er total offen und hilfsreich für uns alles. wenn du etwas über indonesia oder die beide Volkanos oder etwas andere Dinge wissen möchtest ;-) einfach fragen;-)

    überblick unseres Plans: Surabaya - Bromo - Ijen - Bali Ubud
    Bromo ist Moment wegen seinem Aktivität könnten wir nicht hingehen und Trekking gehen , könnten nur die sehen in einer Entfernung;-((((aber das view ist echt tolllllllll!!!!

    für Ijen, ich kann nur mit "GROSSARTIG" beschreiben ;-)die Foto davon kann nicht zu viele sagen ;-) hingehen und genießen es ;-) es lohnt sich auf JEDEN Fall!!!
    ich war so beheistert nach dem Ijen!! und ich werde noch mal hin gehen !!!

    der Tourguide für Ijen, wer Alfan für uns organisiert hat, ist der BESTE! Seine Name ist Coni;-) er redet nicht so viel , aber du kannst echt ihm vertrauen! er stand immer auf der gefährliche Ort und stand auf der äußeren Seite um zu sicher dass du in der inneren Seite gehen und er zeigst du wie du gehen kannst und wird dir seinen Hand geben wenn er denkt hier etwas schwierig ist . er kennt die Situation da total gut ;-) wusste er jedes Mal wo wir stehen bzw. uns verstecken sollen wenn der Smoke kommt ;-))

    die beide Alfan und Coni sind die BESTE!
    Ijen ist auch die BESTE!
    und die Snacks;-) was Alfan mitgebracht hat ;-) ist auch die BESTE!!!! was das genau ist werdet ihr selbst kennen haha

    zum Schluss, danke für alles was Alfan und Coni gemacht haben!!!! Respekt ;-)!

  4. We really enjoyed our three days trip with Alfan, to Bromo and Iljen. Always punctual, he proved to be reliable,
    flexible, easy and reach of good advises. Even before we reached Indonesia Alfan provided us with a lot of information. For the Iljen trip he made arrangement with Coni, a local expert guide who made our experience unforgettable. We reccommend Alfan wholeheartedly. Ilka and Michele from Germany.

  5. Thanks very much for the 2nd Trip to Bromo & Ijen with my parents :) Kuta - Ijen - Bromo - Surabaya

    before we started our trip from Kuta, he arrived at Kuta a little earlier and then brought us to the beachside and let us enjoy the last beach view in Kuta :) he is so a guy with patient that even walked 8 km on the beach to find a grilled corn which I asked him that where can i buy it... (hahahhahahaha! If you also start from Kuta and want to eat the Corn! don't forget to ask him hahahha)
    it took about 4-5 hrs from Kuta to the habour Gilimanuk in Bali (but on the way he told us that make stops when we wanted, so we made so many stops for sth to drink, sth to eat, and also for fruit shops :)) (he could calculate the time very well so don't worry about the time :)) on the ferry from Gilimanuk - Ketapang (habour in Jawa), it will take about 1 hr :) you can find a comfortable sofa in the ferry and take a short snap :)
    so we arrived at Banyuwangi at about 23 o'clock? or 24? I forgot it :) then he recommended us to stop at a large Indomaret which we can sit there, drink sth and eat sth :) even charged for your cellphone there :)
    From Banyuwangi to Kawah Ijen Paking Place, it will take about 1 Hr :) we arrive at Paking Place at about 2 am and met with Coni (a local guide there!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) ! I knew him from last time ! he was sooooooooooooooo nice! He helped my mom all the time and he always stood at the edge (very dangerous place) to make sure that we were on the safety side. Wenn we went uphills and wenn he realized that my parents were a little tired :) he would told me to sing some songs to encourage my parents hahahahhahahahahahhahahaha :) Indonesia Raya~~~~
    The Blue Fire in Ijen is amazing! no words and no photos can describe it! just go to there and explore by yourself!!!! if you are crazy for sport! Coni is also suitable to be ur Instractor! He told me that he just need 10 minutes from the top of Ijen to the Volcano lake! I must go to there for the 3rd time to see that hahahhahahahah!!!!!!

    After Ijen we went direct to Bromo and stayed there for one night :) at about 3AM we started from Homestay to the Parking Area and changed to Jeep :P sitting in Jeep is so funny hahahhaha :) Alfan has recommended us the Jeep :) I think his name is Yoyo??? (don't know if I spell it right) ! HE IS DEFINITELY SO A NICE GUY! I have forgot my wallet in his jeep and first realized that I have lost it when I already back to Homestay. Thanks god it was in his Jeep and Alfan drove me back to his place !!! Really Really thanks very much for Alfan and Yoyo. For the Round trip from Homestay - Parking Area took about 1 hr and it happened 3 minutes after Alfan ordered his fried rice in Homestay hahahaha, I felt so sorry for him but he always told me that even the fried rice will be cold when we came back :) it was still a fried rice hahahhhahahhahaha

    The View in Bromo is amazing!!!! no matter in the sunrise time or later ! I really want to go back again ! because this time after ijen my parents were very tired to explore there.. the place is also suitable for running :P I think you can also ask Alfan to do accompany with you to go to the stair side hahahhahahahahhaha:)
    after Bromo we went to surabaya for our flight to JKT :)

    If you want to go to Bromo or Ijen :) no matter if u want to do it with private Transportation service or just with public transportation :) feel free to contract Alfan :) He is very nice to answer all the questions and give u suggestions about the train and public bus which u can use to reach there :)
    if you want to do some walking Tour in Surabaya or Bromo :) I think you can also ask him hahahha :)

    Thanks very much for my 2nd Trip! And wish all of ur clients will enjoy the both wonderful volcanos in East Jawa and enjoy the time with u on the road :)

  6. Hi,
    I am interested for IJEN BROMO TOUR
    we are three people, will arrive in Bali on 7th, dec'17, hence planning this trip on 8th Dec. Please share the timing of the tour with pick up and drop from hotel at Bali with English speaking guide (where needed)

    Expected Itinerary:

    Day 01: Bali hotel to Ketapang Ferry Port in Banyuwangi, (leave Bali in the afternoon)
    Day 02: Ketapang Ferry Port - Blue Fire Ijen Tours & drive to Bromo
    Day 03: Bromo Hotel – Sunrise & Bromo Tours – back to Bali hotel
    Please share the pricing details and detailed itinerary with timing for the above mentioned tour and how to book the tour.


  7. Excellent agency! Alfan proved to be one of the best leaders of the local tourist industry and our Mount Bromo-Ijen Crater-Bali Tour was excellent!! Highly recommend this operator (and country)!!