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How To Get To Mount Bromo Tour And Accommodations

If you still not sure how to or want to looking for more information about how to go to mount bromo, this article can put into your help list.

How To Go For Mount Bromo Tour

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The easy way is choice Surabaya as starting point then decide which entry route that you prefer. Next, a nearest village or place to getting to Mt.Bromo is Cemoro Lawang. Straight distance from Mt.Bromo only about 3-4 Km, it easy to access by walking. Reaching to mount Bromo could through by 3 routes :

Surabaya-Probolinggo To Mount Bromo

This route very common for tourists-most are the backpackers, because easier to reached by public transports. Some travelers called Probolinggo route.

Cemoro Lawang is the nearest village to Mt.Bromo about 3-4 Km straight distance and only from this village that you could going by walk to view point for see sunrise. You only need about 1 hours to reaching Seruni point (3rd viewpoint), if continue going up to Kingkong Hill (2nd viewpoint) will need about 40 minutes in night or 30 minutes in the daylight. Please check this documentations (pictures, videos) to help recognizing the route/path.

If the incoming route from west e.g. Yogyakarta, Surabaya or east such after Ijen tour by public transport (train or bus) you have to switch to van a.k.a "Bison" at Probolinggo then heading to Cemoro Lawang village.

Malang To Mount Bromo

Some of tourists that going to Bromo from Yogyakarta by own transport (private car) or public transport such train, usually would stay overnight at Malang or extend for a couple days to explore Malang before doing Bromo Tour. For Bromo tour from Malang can go directly to Mt.Bromo via Tumpang using the jeep, or first drive to Wonokitiri village by normal car then switch to the jeep, or go to Cemoro Lawang village then decide what you prefer, walking or using the jeep.

Pasuruan To Mount Bromo

This route is via Wonokitiri village and rarely for tourists, but some agents/operators from Yogyakarta using this route. This option not suitable if you have planning to go to viewpoint and Mt.Bromo by walk. The guests would be staying overnight at Tosari village, and the good hotels on there are Bromo Cottages Hotel and Plataran Bromo. Some operators/agents at Malang and Surabaya also used this route for Bromo Midnight Tour, because the distance more short than go to Cemoro Lawang.

Accommodation for Mount Bromo Tour

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Normally the accommodations at Cemoro Lawang village or near Mount Bromo are homestay or guesthouse, it is easy to find and no need to booking in advance. Some of them already registered the property in OTAs to making easy for tourists to finding-booking the accommodation.

"Hotels" in this location are not much, but still easy to find. The things or scenarios that travelers need to considering for finding-booking the accommodation are :

  • Go by public transport + Walking
    The better option for an accommodation is in Cemoro Lawang village. Because from center village to viewpoint for sunrise and Mount Bromo not too far. To reaching each place you just need about 1-1.5 hours by walk for one way.
  • Go by public transport + The Jeep
    At this point, location of an accommodation is not a big deal. You can book the accommodation not must in Cemoro Lawang, a bit far still possible. They will pick you up and bring you directly to viewpoint and Mount Bromo then waiting you finish the tour. For this scenario and above, you need to manage your visiting time, because the public transport not "easy to get".
  • Have own transport
    On this scenario is very flexible, go for tour by walking or using the jeep, the accommodation is far or no from Mount Bromo, are no big issue. You can decide it easy, no hassle as above.

Following are some of the accommodations for Bromo Tour-2 Days 1 Night :

  • Cafe Lava Hostel
    Located about 20 meters before National Park counter. It's one of famous place for travelers to staying at Bromo. They are offers 2 types of room, superior and family.
  • Jiwa Jawa Resort Bromo f.k.a. Java Banana Lodge
    This accommodation known as an expensive one for Bromo Tour. The distance to Cemoro Lawang village about 10 minutes by drive. Jiwa Jawa Resort also provide budget accommodation with name is Pagupon Bromo.
  • Bromo Permai Hotel
    The location about 20 meters behind/after National Park counter. If you would go to check-in to this hotel you should pay National Park ticket-even you don't have a plan for Bromo Tour.
  • Lava View Lodge
    This hotel managed by the same company with Cafe Lava hostel, Lava Corporation. Located after National Park counter, about 500 meters. The hotel has a straight view to Mt.Bromo, if the weather condition is good you can enjoying the sunset from their balcony. This hotel suitable for family or group. They are offers 3 types of rooms: superior, bungalow, and family.
  • Homestay/Guesthouse
    About the homestay or guesthouse at Cemoro Lawang, it's very basic accommodation/room without breakfast service but most of property provided hot water, cost per night is start from IDR 250K. Some homestay they are only provided shared bathroom without hot water. Once again, this is very basic room, don't expect too much.

Viewpoints to See Sunrise and Mount Bromo Scenery

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There are 3 common places to seeing sunrise on Bromo Tour. In peak season (moreover in public holidays) those places will be crowded by visitors and sometimes you have to struggling to find a good spot for waiting-seeing-enjoying sunrise and Mt.Bromo scenery from top. Those viewpoints are :

  1. Pananjakan Hill-1st level
    This is a favorite place to seeing sunrise and Mt.Bromo scenery, with height about 2700 meters AMSL. The facilities in here quite adequate, have a few coffee shop, toilet, and managed well. To reaching here visitors will using the jeep and start around 3.00AM, it's only to arrive early and find-block a good spot to see sunrise and Mt.Bromo scenery also for taking pictures.

  2. Kingkong Hill-2nd level
    This is an alternate place for sunrise tour and a bit lower-located on right side of Pananjakan, some visitors more prefer to go here to avoid crowded on 1st level. However, in peak season or public holiday it is not quarantee this place will less of visitors. This place can reached by jeep or walking from Cemoro Lawang village-then passing Seruni viewpoint-3rd level. Most of them who had hiking to this place are younger peoples or backpackers. It is not suggested to doing alone or independently, would be safely if you using/hiring local guide to lead-take you here. It is a risky pathway.

  3. Seruni-3rd level
    This is the lowest level of viewpoint for see sunrise and Mt.Bromo scenery from top, actually it is the first place-original one. By seen the growth of visitors to Mt.Bromo, the goverment decided to develop another viewpoints and managed some places as an alternative viewpoints for sunrise tour, even the scenery-angel view not same or similiar like these 3 viewpoints. To go to this place without using the jeep from Cemoro Lawang village is quite easy, visitors ony need to follow the road direction. As mentioned above, sometimes some visitors will continue to reaching Kingkong hill via Seruni and this way actually need assitance by local guide. The path from Seruni to Kingkong hill is not managed, still cover by grass. Visitors need to be very careful because will walking in the dark. Check this our documentations to helping/recognize the hiking area. However it is not suggested to doing without local guide.

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